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A concierge company founded in 2000 by Lady Cosima Somerset, with offices in London, New York, and LA, we’re here to make your life run seamlessly.

That means we’re always on hand when you need us. We take care of everything from the simplest everyday tasks to travel, recruitment and event planning, but it’s everything we do beyond those essentials that makes the real difference.

This is why we limit our membership: so our team can devote themselves fully to your particular needs. It’s also why our clients trust us implicitly, they know that no one knows them better or cares more.

“[They] provide the ultimate in bespoke luxury, redrawing the world so its clients can move effortlessly through life...”
- Forbes

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Lifestyle Services

Somerset White offers lifestyle management services to a select number of global members.  Our scope of services is extensive. We provide support in whatever capacity is best suited to each client, managing jobs according to your requirements and preferences. No task is too big or too small and we take pride in delivering the highest level of service with extraordinary attention to detail, ruthless efficiency and complete discretion. All with minimum fuss.

We are always out and about, investigating everything from new restaurants to healthcare specialists, children’s activities and new holiday destinations. Not only in response to client requests, but also on our own initiative. So that when you need us, whether you’re wondering about wedding venues or an ideal present for that tricky relative, we’re full of fresh, tailored ideas.

The secret of Somerset White is that, rather than simply relying on the latest trends and a ‘black book’, we get to know you and your family personally – developing an instinctive understanding of your needs, tastes and preferences. That’s why so many of our clients have been with us for over a decade.

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“The boutique company seamlessly takes care of everything from travel to staff management. Upon my arrival at my hotel, I found a welcome basket, a detailed list of things to see and do specific to my whims and desires, as well as a phone number for an account manager available day or night – priceless ...”

– Vogue

Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment services focus on your domestic team. With 20 years’ experience in assisting households, we can help with anything  you may need.

We can help hire one individual or an entire team of staff. We appreciate how complex and time-consuming it can be finding ideal candidates and that managing the associated administration is very arduous. We will take on the entire process for you (from interviews, job descriptions and trials to reference checks, offer letters, NDAs and on-boarding), so all you need to do is choose from a hand-picked shortlist of the very best candidates.

In addition to recruitment we offer ongoing support services; including managing payroll, expenses and the calendar management for your domestic team. 

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