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An Expert Team

You’ll no doubt already have worked with assistants and con­cierge services. What makes us any different?


Always here for you

As a member, you have a small, expert and devoted team available night and day. Just call or email, no matter how trivial the task may seem – or how large. Over the years we’ve answered almost every variety of requests, and we handle everything to the same impeccable standards of efficiency, care and discretion.


A select membership

We are not a corporate business, aiming to grow our customer base. We are a genuinely personal service, offering the highest standards of individually tailored attention. We never want you to feel like a ‘customer’. You are a mem­ber: we know you and your family personally, and everything we do for you is guided by that knowledge.


More than an assistant

We often work closely alongside mem­bers’ personal or executive assistants. Ours is a different breed of service, offering the wisdom of over 20 years’ experience and an unrivaled network. And as a team available any time, we’re often best placed to respond to urgent, last-minute or specialist tasks, swiftly and effectively.


Clarity and transparency

Think of us as an extension of yourself, with the same regard for your best in­terests. We never mark up prices, and always negotiate with suppliers for the best value. We have no affiliations with specific suppliers – every recommenda­tion is impartial and based solely on your personal needs and preferences.

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